RentPassports® Overview
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Here you will see all the RentPassports that are connected to your agency. On this page, you can filter RentPassports.

Please see below an example and description of each element of this page:



  1. Here you will see the navigation bar and your agency name. To find out more information on the navigation bar please see HQ Overview.

  2. Under the "Active" tab you will find all of your active RentPassports. This will not include any RentPassports you have archived or are not connected to you.

  3. Under the "Favourites" tab you will find all the RentPassports you have starred. These will be the top applicants you have prioritised.

  4. Under the "Not Active" tab you will find all the RentPassports you have archived. You can change their status by following the instructions here.

  5. Under the "All Connected" tab you will find all the RentPassports that have been shared with you. These are unfiltered.

  6. Under the "Invited" tab you will find all the RentPassports you have requested but not shared with you. The renter will need to accept the request to share their data with you in order for you to view their data.

  7. The Branch selector will allow you to see the view of one branch if you are associated with more than one. If you only have access to one branch you will not see the branch selector and this will be your default view.

  8. This button will allow you to request a RentPassport. See here for further instructions.

  9. The search bar and filters will allow you to quickly find your applicant's RentPassport.

  10. Full name and email address of the applicants.

  11. The status of the RentPassport.

  12. The type of screening you have requested for the applicant.

  13. Here you will see the affordability of the renter if this has been generated after income verification. If this has yet to be determined, you will see '£0 pcm'

  14. The date the applicant connected their RentPassport to you.

  15. This is the tenant stage the applicant is on. To see more on RentPassport Stages click here.

  16. In this column, you will see if this applicant has been selected as a 'Favourite'. You will also be able to click the star to select/de-select them as a favourite.

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