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This is your agency’s dashboard. Here you will see all the branches and agents associated with your agency. On this dashboard, you can access multiple functionalities and gain reports about your referencing.

Please see below an example and description of each element of this page:



  1. Here you will see the navigation bar and your agency name.

  2. By clicking on the 'Rent Passports tab, you will be taken to a page with a view of all the RentPassports. You will be able to check the progress of an applicant's referencing and right to rent ID verification. An applicant needs to accept the share request in order for you to see their RentPassport.

  3. Favourites will allow you to select priority applicants and find them very easily. As you will have your own login you will be able to see your favourites alone reducing the need to search for them.

  4. Household Screening will allow you to create an overview screening for multiple applicants. You can create these with any reference you choose to organise the tenancies.

  5. Right to Rent overview will show you a list of all your right to rent requests and the status of each one. From here you can also complete the right to rent check.

  6. The 'Branches' tab will take you to a list of all your branches. This will show you details of the branches and associated RentPassports. Furthermore, you can also add new branches on this page.

  7. The 'Team Members' tab will take you to a page with a list of all the team members. This will be any of the team you have invited to set up on Canopy HQ. You will also be able to invite new team members to join HQ from this page.

  8. Reports will allow you to see data around your HQ and RentPassports. You can filter these by branch and time.

  9. Your agency details including the address.

  10. A summary of all the RentPassports connected to your Agency, includes the total completed and the total in progress. The "+ Request Rent Passport" button allows you to send an invite to an applicant to share their data with you. Please see How to Request a Rent Passport for further instructions.

  11. A summary of all the Household Screenings that have been created for your agency. The "+ Create Household" button allows you quick access to create a household screening. Please see How to add a Household Screening for further instructions.

  12. The total number of the team using your Canopy HQ. The"+ Invite Team Member" button allows you to add a new team member directly from the dashboard. Please see How to invite a new team member for further instructions.

  13. This is where you will see the total number of branches added to your company HQ. The "+ Add Branch" button allows you to add a new branch directly from the dashboard. Please see How to add a branch for further instructions

  14. The Help button will offer assistance by providing you with information on how to access our FAQs, contact details to get in touch with our support team and our opening hours.

  15. The Settings page will allow you to select which email notifications you would like to receive.

  16. This button will allow you to log out of HQ.

  17. Our Partner services, such as Rent & Legal Protection and Deposit Replacement scheme.

For further instructional articles on what you can do from HQ, click here.

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