Reading a RentPassport®
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This is the full view of your applicant's RentPassport, with all of their information, this includes identity, rental preferences, income, address history and rent payments. References, guarantor and right to rent are only present if you have requested this from the renter. To see how to request these, please click here.


RentPassport® Elements:

  1. Renter's Full Name and email address.

  2. Renter's selected rental preferences to assist you with a property search.

  3. The identity section will show you the status of the applicant's ID verification, this is powered by IDnow who is our third-party identity service provider (IDSP).

  4. The credit check will include the renter's full name, DOB, telephone number and email address. You will also see their address history which will show you how many years of address history the renter has entered as well as the status of this section. You will have the ability to see the credit indicator which will reflect the indicator Experian use themselves. (Very Poor, Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent). Any adverse Credit Information returned from Experian will also be presented here.

  5. The total annual income; will have either been manually uploaded by the renter or verified using Open Banking. Manual verifications can take up to 48 hours and you will see the status in this section.

  6. The Employment reference will show as ‘not requested’ unless you request full screening. If requested you will see employment status, employment type, start date and annual salary once verified.

  7. The total rent payments; will have been self-certified or verified using Open Banking.

  8. The Landlord reference will show as ‘not requested’ unless you request a full screening. If requested you will, once verified, see details such as tenancy start date, tenancy end date, if notice has been served, monthly rent amount, if there are any rent arrears, if there is any damage to the property and would the landlord rent to the tenant again.

  9. Here you will have the ability to download either the full RentPassport or the summary of the RentPassport to present to the landlord or keep on file for your records.

  10. Monthly Rent Affordability for the applicant based on their verified annual income. This is calculated at 40% of their verified monthly income.

  11. Overall screening result of the referencing process; will alert you if anything needs your attention. You will also see a breakdown of the different screening requests and their status.
    For more information on the different statuses and examples, please click here.

  12. Button to upgrade the RentPassport to a priority screening, if required.

  13. Button to request a guarantor for an applicant, if required.

  14. Button to request the right to rent information from an applicant, if required.

  15. All the RentPassport connections within your agency.
    NOTE: You will only see this if you have access to multiple branches.

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