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How to request a company risk report
How to request a company risk report
Updated over a week ago

Canopy has partnered with Experian to deliver the most innovative and far-reaching business risk report on the market available for UK businesses. You can request one directly from your HQ, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Canopy HQ

Step 2: Once signed into HQ, on the main dashboard, scroll down and select "View all Products". You will find this under 'Canopy Earn'.

Step 3: Now scroll down and select 'More Information' on the 'Company Risk Report' powered by Experian.

Step 4: Here you will now be able to click 'Request Report'.

Step 5: You will now be prompted to fill in details of the company you would like a risk report for and the email address you would like us to send the report to.

  • Company name: Ensure this is the company's registered name

  • Company registration number: This will be the company's Companies House number.

  • Email address: This will likely be your email address, but you must confirm the inbox where you want the risk report to be sent.

Please note: These details must be correct in order for us to obtain a risk report for the correct company.

Step 6: Ensure you have confirmed the charges with your internal team and click "Send Request".

The request is now complete and your account manager will send you a copy of the company risk report within 24 working hours. If you do not receive the report within 24 working hours, please contact your account manager.

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