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How to set up as a team member in HQ
How to set up as a team member in HQ
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Great news! You have been invited to use your company's HQ to reference your applicants.

Canopy HQ allows you to do a variety of things. Firstly you can view your branch details and the team members attached to each branch. Furthermore, you can view your applicants' RentPassports and their progress. You can find an array of articles with information and guides on Canopy HQ here.

Now let's get you set up! Follow the steps below on how to set up as a user on Canopy HQ as part of your agency. The manager will first need to invite a new user for full details on how to invite a new user please see our article here.

Step 1:

Once you have been invited, you will receive an invite request in your email. Please select the link 'Create account' which will take you to a page to fill in your details. You will need to enter your name, create a password and read through the terms and conditions before accepting.

Please be advised that if you see anything different such as an email address, agency name, etc this is the incorrect page and we recommend you contact the support team for assistance.


Step 2:

Next, you will be taken to a page to sign in to your account. Please use the credentials you previously entered during set-up to log in. You should now have access to the HQ account and can start referencing your applicants.

For more information and an overview of all the features of HQ please see our article here.

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