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How to request a RentPassport®
How to request a RentPassport®
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As an agent using HQ, you will have the ability to request to view an applicant's RentPassport. The referencing report provides live progress and status updates on an applicant's journey

Follow the steps below in order to view an applicant's information.

Please note the applicant needs to authorise your access to their data. Once they have shared their RentPassport you will be able to see this.

Step 1: Sign into your Canopy HQ

Step 2: Once signed into HQ, on your main page you will see your dashboard, you can click on the quick link "+ Request Rent Passport" or alternatively you can select the RentPassports box on your dashboard.


Step 3: On the RentPassports page you will see a button to "+ Request Rent Passport" on the top right. Once you have clicked on this button you will see a pop-up box.

Please note: If you have access to more than one branch within your HQ, you will need to select which branch you want this RentPasspor connected to. You will find this drop-down at the very top of this form.

Step 4: Now you must fill in the applicant's detail and select what screening type you would like the referencing report to be.

Enter the applicant's personal details, the following fields are mandatory:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Phone number

    • Email address

You also have the option to let us know the move-in date for this applicant. This can be an exact date or within a date range.

Ensure you have notified the applicant that Canopy may be in touch regarding the completion of their RentPassport and they have consented to this. Tick the check box at the end of the form.

Step 5: Select the type of screening you would like for this applicant. The different options at the point of request are:

    • Pre Qualification

    • Essential screening

    • Comprehensive Screening

    • Priority Screening

For a full list of what is included in the packages, click here.

You also have the option to purchase add-on services:

    • Guarantor needed

    • Right to Rent

Please note: If you are an OTM agent within the free referencing period, you will see an additional add-on, ID verification.

Step 6: Finally review the total charges and if you are happy with these, click 'Send request'.


  • Please be aware: The applicant will need to accept the invitation to share their data with you.

  • If the renter is struggling to open the link in their email, you have a direct link to copy and send to them directly.

  • All RentPassports invited by link only will be a Pre Qualified RentPassport. You can upgrade this in HQ, at any time.

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