FAQs: Right to Rent
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How do I request Right to Rent?

You can request this at any point from when the RentPassport has been shared. Similar to the different referencing plans, you will see a button in the relevant section and on the right panel. Click on the request button and accept the charge to send a notification to the renter to complete.*

Please click here for step-by-step instructions.

*Fees may apply.

What does the right to rent service offer?

Validation of key identity documents via IDnow plus document storage.

This does not negate the need for you to see the renter and their right to rent evidence in person.

I can only see "requested" for a renter's Right to Rent section but they have told me this is verified.

If the renter has completed the right to rent process and verified their ID they will see this as such in their RentPassport. The reason you do not see these details is that the renter needs to authorise the sharing of their personal data with you. For instructions on how they can do this please see here.

Does Canopy review the ID for me?

Canopy work with IDnow who confirm the validity of the ID provided. I

Due to the legal restrictions, Canopy cannot review right to rent documents and this responsibility still sits with the agent/landlord to review.

Do I, as a landlord, need to perform a right to rent check on my renter?

But you can ask any agents that manage or let your property to carry out the check for you. You should have this agreement in writing.

If a tenant sub-lets the property without you knowing, they are responsible for carrying out checks on any renters they sub-let to. They will be liable for any penalties if they do not do the check correctly.

Can I complete the right to rent check over video call?

Please visit the government website for the right to rent regulations and processes as these are always being updated. We have linked this below for you.
Check tenant right to rent

How is the Right to Rent check conducted without the ID being submitted?

We provide validation of key identity documents such as driving license/passport via IDnow. Renters can supply other forms of right to rent proof. Unfortunately, we are not able to validate documents such as visa letters / other paper docs. These can be uploaded and will need to be seen by the agent/landlord. For more information on what documents are acceptable please visit here.

It says provide in person, what does this mean?

A renter may not be able to provide an acceptable single document which shows an unlimited right to rent within the UK such as a UK Passport. They can however provide a range of other documents to support their right to rent. A renter can select the documents to upload in-app and these will need to be reviewed by the agent/landlord to deem them acceptable.

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