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DFI: How to submit a claim
Updated over a week ago

How do claims work?

Canopy has partnered with Davies Group for claims handling and partnered with Hamilton Fraser to provide an independent claims adjudication service. As with a traditional cash deposit, you would speak with your renter and seek recovery funds from them directly.

Please note: Your claim amount is capped at the amount of the sum insured.

Outcome 1:- Tenant pays

The tenant accepts the claim and pays the Landlord within 10 working days.

Outcome 2:- Tenant doesn’t pay

The tenant disputes the claim and refuses to pay the Landlord.

If this is the case you need to make a claim you can access and complete our online claims form here.

What information is required?

The following information is required and obtained in order to assess and process a claim:

  • Property details

  • Renter details

  • Landlord details

  • Agency details

  • Policy number (if you have a block policy, please leave it blank)

  • BACS

  • Inventory check-in report

  • Inventory check-out report

  • Any invoices/rent schedules

  • Evidence of comms with the renter to chase costs

  • PDF of renter's referencing RentPassport® and guarantors if applicable


Canopy is not responsible for any misinformation provided in the claims form.

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