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Why are Canopy not able to locate a renters credit profile?
Why are Canopy not able to locate a renters credit profile?
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As part of the referencing service we provide, we have a relationship with Experian in returning necessary credit information surrounding tenancy checks.

The report that is returned to us differs from a consumer report. This is a more in-depth score as we are looking into an individual's credit information surrounding tenancy checks.

There are various reasons why a credit profile may not be found. One of the common reasons is that the renter may not have sufficient information to form enough of a credit background.

For example, if they only have a bank account associated with an address this may not be enough to build a credit footprint.

They may not meet the required authentication level, therefore we are unable to validate their information/credit background.
The report returned is often correct but if you believe this is incorrect the renter should recheck the information they have entered.

Full legal name: They will need to enter their full name including any middle names. If this has recently changed be aware that Experian can take up to 6 months to update their systems.
Date of birth: Ensure they have entered their date of birth correct, ask them to double check this in case an alternate day/month/year was accidentally selected.
Address history: They should enter at least 3 years of UK address history. They must have been registered on the electoral roll/utility bills/bank accounts at the addresses in order to be found within the bureau.

We recommend they use the address lookup to make it easy to ensure the address is formatted correctly. If you think the address format looks incorrect they can go back and edit this to see if this will help.

If they are still unable to achieve a credit check, I’m afraid we are unable to override this. Even if all the information is correct it could mean they have a thin credit profile. This usually means that they have not been registered with the bureau long enough or do not have enough information.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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