RentPassport® Notes
Updated this week

We understand you are very busy professionals and we want to keep you updated and in the loop regarding all of your applicants.

We decided we can communicate with you without bombarding you with phone calls and emails, which is why we have created RentPassport notes.

Below is a summary explaining the different types of notes and when you will see these.

Agent Notes


These notes are exclusively for you. Agent notes will only be visible to you and your colleagues within an individual's RentPassport when you are logged into HQ.

We will use these to notify you when we have contacted an applicant, if there are any delays or any other important pieces of information regarding the process of an applicant's referencing.

Report Notes


Report notes are vital pieces of information in relation to the final referencing report that you may need to highlight to your landlord. For example, if your applicant is on an exceptionally long probationary period we will leave a note of this so you are aware and can make your decision based on this extra information.

As these notes will be visible to you in HQ and on the final PDF report., we have made life a little bit easier for you in determining the difference. Report notes will be highlighted in a purple box and agent notes remain in white.

All RentPassports will have a Referencing Summary notes section as well as notes in each section of the RentPassport.


This is to allow us to highlight information on the individual in the summary notes as well as leave notes in each specific section so you are aware of which note relates to which section.

Please note: We will only leave notes in the summary and section notes only when we need to update you with something. do not hesitate if you do not see anything in these notes.

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