Team Members Overview
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In the team members section on your Canopy HQ account, you will be able to see and manage the Agents and Admin associated with each branch.

You can invite new users to the system and check to see which and how many branches they are associated with as well as de-activating access.

Please note the above functionality to make changes is for Admin only. See the following articles for instructions.

Please see below an example and description of each element of this page:



  1. HQ navigation panel, for more info on this please see HQ Overview.

  2. In this tab, you will see which team members have registered on the system.

  3. This tab will show you who has been sent an invite and yet to accept the invitation and register.

  4. The search bar and filters will allow you to narrow down your search. You are able to filter down by role, branch and the date added

  5. This section here displays the full name and email address of your colleague.

  6. This shows you the status of your team member's account. Whether their access is active or inactive.

  7. The 'Role' is the status of the agent within the system which will be Agent or Admin depending on their position. You can assign the user as an admin or agent when you invite a new user.

  8. This section displays the branches the agent is associated with.

  9. The number of RentPassport's associated with the team member.

  10. The number of DepositFree policies associated with the team member. We no longer offer DFI as an alternative so this will only show if you have previous quotes/policies.

  11. This is the date the agent was added to the system.

  12. This button will allow you to add a new agent to the system you can click 'Invite team member' which will take you to a page to complete this. Please see How to invite a new team member for further instructions on how to do this.

  13. Option to select a "Branch View' and view your HQ as a specific branch.

Selecting the team member will take you to further details of the agent. This also allows admins to update the branches they are associated with by adding more.

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