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How to invite a new team member
How to invite a new team member
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Please follow the steps below to invite a member of your team to start using Canopy HQ as part of your agency. You have the option to add them as an admin or agent.

Please note: Only users with admin access can invite new team members.

Admin: Manager or senior position that will oversee teams and performance
Agent: Typically a lettings negotiator that will deal with your customers on a daily basis

Once they have created an account, they will be able to view the activity of the branches they are associated with.

Step 1:

  • Firstly you will need to log onto Canopy HQ

  • You will then see the main screen of your account. Please select 'Team Members'

  • Once you have selected ‘Team Members’ you will need to then select ‘Invite Team Member’


Step 2:

  • Enter the work email address of the agent you are adding.

  • Then select if you would like them to be added as ‘Admin’ or ‘Agent’.

  • Select which branch(es) you would like them to be associated with.

  • Click 'Invite Team Member'


Step 3:

  • The new user will receive an email and will need to select ‘View Invite’

Please see the article How to set up as a new user in HQ to assist them in setting up.

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