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Household screening overview
Household screening overview
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Household Screenings will show renters' affordability collectively and if they all meet the affordability of the property.

Please see below an example and description of each element of this page:



  1. Here you will see the address of the rental property. If you would like to see how to create a household screening, please click here.

  2. The total rent for the property which you would have entered. The example above shows that the weekly (this can be monthly) rent of the property is £280.

  3. All the renters that you have added under this household screening.

  4. You can add renters by clicking "+Add renter".

  5. This is where you can enter the individual renters' rent share. Ensure you have completed this step as the household screening will be incomplete without this.

  6. Here you will be able to see the total affordability of all renters combined. In the example above, the total combined affordability for the two renters above is £273.98.

  7. Once you have entered the rent share, their affordability will turn green or red depending on if they can meet this. If the rent share falls within their affordability it will be green. If it doesn't, this will turn red. As you can see in the example above, renter two meets the affordability of their share. However, renter one does not. Individual renter affordability is also listed here.

Please see below for more information on household screening:

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