FAQs: Rent & Legal Protection
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How do I get a quote for Rent & Legal Protection?

Canopy and Alan Boswell Group (ABG) have teamed up to provide one of the market’s leading rent guarantee products for letting agents.

In order to access your free ABG account and purchase immediately, fill in our sign up form here.

Who is rent guarantee insurance for?

Rent guarantee insurance is recommended for anybody who could financially suffer should the property they are renting no longer be receiving a rental income. Even the best tenants may find themselves in a difficult situation and unable to pay the rent you rely on, so rent guarantee insurance is a valuable safety net should you no longer receive payments as expected.

Do I need to purchase rent guarantee insurance?

There is no legal requirement for the product, although it is highly advisable if you rely on the rental income.

How does rent guarantee insurance work?

If your tenant stops paying their rent but remains in your property you will need to submit a claim. We will then instruct our appointed solicitors on your behalf to review your case. Upon approval of your claim, our solicitors will help you gain possession of the property, and the policy will continue to make the rental payments that have not been paid by the tenant. These payments will continue for a maximum of 15 months, with up to three months’ worth of payments at 75% of the rental amount paid after eviction (while the property is empty).

My renter has failed the referencing check; can they use a guarantor?

If a renter failed referencing, they would be able to use a guarantor instead. However, a guarantor will have to complete and pass the reference checks and achieve a higher affordability factor to ensure the renter's right to rent.

What if my renter can't get a guarantor?

If your renter cannot secure a guarantor, then you will be unable to purchase a policy as the acceptance criteria has not been met.

Is a guarantor liable for unpaid rent?

If a renter has not met the acceptance criteria and a guarantor is in place and the renter defaults then the guarantor will be liable for the rent.

Will my rent guarantee insurance policy still cover me if I change my renter?

Yes, the insurance is based on the property. As long as the new renter has passed the referencing criteria and there is a tenancy agreement in place then the insurance will be valid.

How many renters can my rent guarantee insurance policy cover?

You can cover up to 4 renters per policy, if you wish to cover more than 4 please contact the Alan Boswell Group on 01603 216 399.

Can I take out a rent guarantee insurance policy if my renters are already in arrears?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Can I claim rent if the renter has left the property and stopped paying rent?

No, the policy is designed to pay rent while the renter resides at the property (but is unable to pay rent). If they leave, there will be no cover for future rent due.

How do I make a claim on my rent guarantee policy?

You must try speaking with your renters first and see if you can make an arrangement to repay the arrears. If this doesn’t work and they can’t/ don't pay, the following eviction notices must be served before you can claim:

  • A Section 8 notice: also known as a notice to quit or possession notice. A Section 8 notice seeks possession of your property if the renter won’t leave.

  • Ultimately, if your renter(s) can’t pay, you can issue a Section 21 notice which ends the tenancy.

What countries do you cover?

  • England

  • Wales

  • Scotland

Will we still be covered for non-payment due to COVID-19?

Yes, this will not affect your ability to claim for missed rent payments.

Where can I find my policy documents?

You will have been provided with a copy of these when you purchase a policy. If you require another copy, please contact the Alan Boswell Group directly as Canopy does not hold a copy of your policy details or documents.

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