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Reporting a claim under Rent & Legal Protection
Reporting a claim under Rent & Legal Protection
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Should your tenant fall into arrears you have 60 days to submit a claim on your rent guarantee policy.

In the first instance, you should contact the tenant to establish the reasoning behind the missed rental payment and try to agree on a payment plan.

Should the renters not be able to make the rental payment you would be required to submit a claim form, uploading the relevant documents and the relevant information.

Upon acceptance of the claim and after the second missed a rental payment, the policy will act to issue the relevant section notice to initiate eviction proceedings and make the rental payments.

At the conclusion of the claim, the final payment will be made and you will have the possession of your property which you can then re-let.

Can I claim rent if the renter has left the property and stopped paying rent?

No, the policy is designed to pay rent while the renter resides at the property (but is unable to pay rent). If they leave, there will be no cover for future rent due.

How do I make a claim on my rent guarantee policy?

You must try speaking with your renters first and see if you can make an arrangement to repay the arrears. If this doesn’t work and they can’t/don’t pay, the following eviction notices must be served before you can claim:

  • A Section 8 notice: also known as a notice to quit or possession notice. A Section 8 notice seeks possession of your property if the renter won’t leave.

  • Ultimately, if your renter(s) can’t pay, you can issue a Section 21 notice which ends the tenancy.

Please note this is an overview of the claims process for guidance purposes only. The claims handlers can answer any questions you may have when they receive your claim, alternatively you can contact ABG on 01603 649727.

For further information on what is covered under RLP please see here or your policy summary.

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