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Registering to Canopy HQ as a Private Landlord
Registering to Canopy HQ as a Private Landlord
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Welcome to Canopy! By creating an HQ account with Canopy you can do a variety of things as a landlord. The great news... it's completely free to register and use!*

You can set up the separate properties you let on your account and invite other people such as partners or managers to join and use the system. Once you have set up your account you can begin inviting applicants to create a RentPassport® and complete referencing within minutes.

If you have decided to create an HQ account with Canopy and would like some guidance on how to create an account please see our following steps below.

Step 1 :

Firstly, you will need to access HQ at Click 'Create Account' at the bottom of the page.

Please be aware that if you are setting up an HQ this can only be accessed via a web browser, not an app. The details entered upon set-up will be the owner of this account.

Next, you will need to enter your details and create a password. Click 'Create Account'.

Once you have set up your password please carefully read through the terms and conditions, if you are happy in proceeding with the creation of the account select 'Accept'.


Step 2:

You are now required to verify your email address. A verification email should now have been sent to your inbox, please open the email and select the 'Verify email'.

Please be advised that if you have not received the verification email it may be in your junk/spam folders. There is also an option to resend the verification email.

Once you have selected the link you should now be redirected back to the Canopy HQ site. Please select "Private Landlord" under "What type of user are you?


Step 3:

Finally, you will now be required to enter your telephone number and address. Please enter this information and select 'Next'. Once you have entered this information you should now have access to your new HQ Account.


To see our overview of Canopy HQ please see our article here.

*Fees may apply for essential screening, comprehensive screening, priority screening, ID checks, right to rent checks and guarantors. Learn more.

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