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How to add a Household Screening
How to add a Household Screening
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Household screenings are an easy way to manage multiple renters as a group. If you are renting a property to several people, this is a way to keep all of their RentPassports in one place. If the renters have guarantors you can also keep their RentPassports here. This is an easy way to see if the renters, collectively, meet the affordability of the property and you can access all of their RentPassports quickly and easily.

Follow the steps below to set up a household screening.

Step 1: Log on to your Canopy HQ account and select 'Household Screening' on the left navigation panel.


Step 2: On the Household screening overview page, select '+ Household Screening'.

Step 3: Enter the screening info. This includes:

  • The property address - you can do this by searching by the postcode.

  • Internal code - this can be your internal reference code, this is not mandatory.

  • Branch - Select the branch this household screening will be associated with.

  • Rent - Amount and frequency.

Step 4: Select 'Add Renter' and in the pop-up box enter the renter's email address. If they have already shared their RentPassport with you, you will be able to select their email. If not, you can request them to share by selecting 'Invite a new renter' and entering their email address.


Step 5: Now enter the renter's individual rent share and will be able to see if their affordability meets the total rent.


Once entered, you have completed setting up a Household screening. You will be able to access the RentPassports and make sure all the renters meet the property's rent.

If any of the renters require a guarantor you can request this from their RentPassport page. If a renter has a guarantor connected to their RentPassport, you will see this within the household screening.

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