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FAQs: Guarantor Replacement Service
FAQs: Guarantor Replacement Service
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What is a Guarantor Replacement Service?

This service allows the renter to register with our partner, RentGuarantor, to act as their UK guarantor. As a guarantor service, they will cover the renter in the same way a working individual would so you don't have to worry about missed rent payments.

How can I offer the Guarantor Replacement Service to my applicants?

This is available to everyone on our platform. If you wish to disable this for your renters, please contact the sales team at [email protected].

What is the criteria for the guarantor replacement service?

The renter must meet RentGuarantor's eligibility criteria in order to qualify for the cover. This service is available for

  • working professionals

  • students

  • retired individuals

  • benefit recipients

How can I obtain a copy of the guarantor replacement policy?

This will be sent to you once the application has been completed and the payment has been processed.

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