Example RentPassport®: High Risk
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Below you will see a RentPassport with the status of "High Risk". This will show on the applicant's RentPassport when they have areas of their referencing we need to highlight as a potential risks.

This will be highlighted in a red box with a summary as to why they have been flagged as High Risk.


In this example, you can see the renter has completed their ID verification and IDnow has verified this.

They have also completed their credit check and we have been able to verify them through Experian but the applicant is showing they have a warning in the financial summary and the high risk box shows us this is an active CCJ and a very poor credit rating.

When you expand the section you can see the full details on the CCJ's/ financial summary which will include the total number and total value. This section will also present their full address history.

The income section has been verified through Open Banking and when you expand this section you can see the list of transactions used to verify their income.

Their employment reference has been verified. To see the full employment details you will need to expand this section.

Similar to the income section, their rent payments have been verified through Open Banking and expanding this section will present you with a list of transactions used to verify their previous rent payments.

Finally, the landlord reference has not been verified therefore prompting you to review whether or not you will require a guarantor or any other measure in line with your company's policy.

On all RentPassports, you will see the option to request a guarantor or request right to rent verification.

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