FAQs: Referencing
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What is a Rent Ready RentPassport®?

Creating a Rent Ready RentPassport allows renters to pre-qualify themselves and provide the necessary information to you ahead of the referencing journey.

A pre-qualified RentPassport is free for to request and view, when you have decided to move forward with an applicant, you can unlock different screening options.*

For more information on what each referencing package includes, see our Plans & Pricing.

*Subject to fees

Can I reference a company?

We do offer company referencing at an additional fee. You can find more information here.

Why is the renter's income section still outstanding if the employment reference is verified?

The income section is part of the Essential RentPassport® and the employment reference is part of the Comprehensive RentPassport®.

We like to obtain Open Banking transactions or official documentation to fully validate their income for you. This way you can be sure we have thoroughly checked their affordability.

The applicant has provided me with their documents, can I send these directly to Canopy?

The applicant may delay their application if they do not complete their RentPassport® as we need this information to review and verify their documents. Although you can send these to us, it is better to ask the applicant to upload this directly onto their RentPassport®.

How much does referencing cost?

Signing up for Canopy HQ is completely free. Depending on the level of information you require, prices vary per reference.

Please see Plans & Pricing for more information.

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