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How to turn off notifications
How to turn off notifications
Updated over a week ago

During a renter's referencing journey we will keep you updated during the process with the use of agent notes left by our referencing team.

We will also notify you, via email, when RentPassports are complete.

These email notifications include:

  • When a renter has connected to your agency.

  • When an Instant RentPassport is completed.

  • When an employment reference has been verified.

  • When a landlord reference has been verified.

  • When a Guarantor RentPassport is completed.

  • When a Right to Rent section has been completed by the renter and ready to complete the final verification step by you.

If you would like to stop receiving any of these emails please follow the step below.

Step 1:

Log in to your HQ and click "Settings" in the navigation panel.

Step 2:

Use the toggle buttons next to each type of notification to turn certain notifications off.


To turn notifications back on simply, follow the step above and use the toggle to turn on your desired notifications.

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